Work continues on Tammany Pipeline Spill High Island

PORT ARTHUR, Texas – Crews are preparing to start removing the concrete around the Tammany Oil & Gas pipeline that ruptured Monday in their continued efforts to stop the oil leak off of McFaddin Beach, Texas, today.

Work on repairs to the pipeline was supposed to start Tuesday afternoon, but the Coast Guard Captain of the Port halted the repairs pending consultation with the Railroad Commission of Texas. The Railroad Commission is responsible for all pipelines inside the state of Texas, issuing operating permits and inspecting the pipes. The Railroad Commission assisted the Unified Command today.

The representative from the Railroad Commission decided the best course of action was to secure the southern leak and then locate the northern leak. The northern leak has stopped, making locating it difficult, but by pushing air into the line, the resulting bubbles will make it easier to spot.

To secure the southern leak, a three-inch thick covering of concrete must be cut away. After that, a pipe clamp will be lowered from the dive boat and placed around the ruptured area of pipe.

A pollution dome has been placed over the southern leak to help collect the oil before it reaches the surface. The pollution dome is a hollowed pyramid that is lowered from the dive boat with a hose attached to the top of the cone. The oil collects near the top of the pyramid and is drawn into a collection tank on the dive boat through the hose.

Shoreline assessment teams today confirmed the light sheen on shore approximately 2.5 miles west of the Sabine Pass Jetties and east of Sea Rim State Park has dissipated naturally.

The safety zone around the incident site is still in effect. Vessels traveling near this area are cautioned to keep a safe distance from the response site to ensure the safety of their vessel and the waterway.

The Unified Command consists of Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur, O’Brien’s Group, and the Texas General Land Office.

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