Willamette River Security zone set for Fleet Week

PORTLAND, Ore. – The Coast Guard will enforce and maintain a controlled access area on the Willamette River while Navy and Coast Guard vessels are tied up at the seawall between the Steel and Morrison Bridges throughout the fleet’s visit June 6-11.Boaters who need to pass through the restricted 100-yard Naval Vessel Protection Zone must contact the Coast Guard security escort vessel on VHF-FM channel 16.

Commercial vessels have made special transit arrangements with the Captain of the Port, Portland, prior to this year’s Fleet Week.

All boaters, kayakers, personal watercraft operators and canoeists are asked to avoid the security zone altogether. However, if a boater does need to transit the controlled access area, they may experience a waiting period.

Those wishing to transit the security zone must follow these simple rules:

  • No firearms permitted inside the controlled access area.
  •  Boaters wishing to transit the controlled access area are required to wait in pre-identified staging areas for official patrol escorts.
  • Staging areas are located on the east side of the river just north of the Steel Bridge and just south of the Morrison Bridge.
  • Delays are expected and vessels may be boarded before being escorted through the controlled access area. Please plan accordingly.
  • While transiting the controlled access area, all vessels shall operate at the minimum speed necessary to maintain a safe course and shall proceed as directed by the official Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol escort.
  • Vessels will follow the official Coast Guard Auxiliary patrol escort in a single file line and must stay to the east bank of the river. Do not break away from the escort line.
  •   Violations of a controlled access area may result in a penalty action under the provision of 33 USC 1231 (maximum fine of $37,500).

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