Video – The Beginning of the Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer Program

Retired Chief Warrant Officer George Hathaway speaks about the early days of the Coast Guard rescue swimmer program during the mid 1980’s and describes his first case in Alaska.

Hathaway, who is the first Aviation Survivalman (ASM) to be deployed on a search and rescue case in Alaska, retired this year after 30 years of service in the Coast Guard.

US Coast Guard video by Petty Officer 3rd Class Henry G. Dunphy.

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  1. Jim Olson says:

    Please send my thanks to George Hathaway! I was the pilot on that case, and Fred Pendleton was the copilot. I enjoyed his retelling of the story–just like it was yesterday.

  2. Bob Pear says:

    George, What a great story. Much like the ptero presentation last year by the pilot crew who were downed in the Bearing Sea, I am amazed at the level of performance of the crews today. That isn’t to say past crew perfomance was any less.

    It’s that it appears to me that crews have such a higher level of training in the areas of egress, survival, and rescue performance.

    Today’s crews have so much more availible to them to accomplish the mission and accomplish that mission in the safetest manner the service is able to provide.

    So, George, thanks again not only for your extrodinary efforts, but to the entire H-3 crew that made that mission a success.

    This dates me a little but I still like the “Team Coast Guard” Logo from the past. It takes the whole working and meshing together to do the things we do when called.

    Regards, Bob ATCM long retired.

  3. John Long says:

    Great job making the video recalling a a great rescue & a great time in CG aviation. Congratulations on your well deserved retirement after a terrific career- it was a pleasure working with you. Best wishes in your next step.
    (retired, too)

    P.S. The grounds in SD look great! Nice work, as usual.