Video – Something Completely Different

A Word from the Publisher/Editor: With almost three years of reporting on what’s happening around the Coast Guard, Coast Guard News has published over 8100 stories.   Roughly 200 of those stories included a video.  As the Coast Guard’s internet access policy has changed over the years, I’ve wondered whether or not to keep posting videos.

After considering that a much larger percentage of the readers of Coast Guard News are accessing it from outside the Coast Guard system, I’ve decided to continue.   I’ve also decided that since I previously posted the newest Coast Guard recruiting advertisements, it was only fair that I post the newest Coast Guard related advertisement. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. Jim Clark says:

    Great job on these Coast Guard News stories as well as the videos. I’ve been checking this site out for some time now – just wanted to know – are Coast Guard Auxiliary rescues ever put out on this site?? Thanks for all you do for us.

    Jim Clark
    U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary

  2. cgnews says:

    I pretty much publish whatever the Coast Guard issues. There was an Auxiliarist in California who was doing news releases but I haven’t seen anything lately.