Video – Coast Guard news from The Pentagon Channel

Today seemed to be Coast Guard Day on the Pentagon Channel as they brought us two stories. FIrst up was an interview with Rear Admiral Thomas Atkin, the Commander of the Deployable Operations Group (DOG), about current issues involving DOG units. Admiral Atkin discusses the new Maritime Enforcement (ME) law enforcement rate and how the Coast Guard is dealing with the problem of self-propelled, Semi-submersibles being used to transport illegal drugs.

Coast Guard Petty Officer Adam Eggers brings us the second story of the day. Petty Officer Eggers reports on the new Coast Guard uniform that is being introduced. The new Operational Dress Uniform (ODU) was designed with input from members of the Coast Guard. While it may look a lot like the old uniform there is a new untucked shirt that allows for better movement with a cleaner look, and the addition of cargo pockets on the trousers making it easier for members to carry additional items that are required in their day to day job.

The new Coast Guard uniform also has the Coast Guard seal on the pocket of the shirt and the rear of the trouser.

Here’s the video on the Deployable Operations Group:

And here’s Petty Officer Eggers report on the new Coast Guard Uniform:

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