Video – Bolivar Penninsula Rescue

HOUSTON – In this video by the U.S. Coast Guard, an Air Station Houston HH-65C rescue helicopter crew hoists two children and four adults from the storm surge caused by Hurricane Ike in the Bolivar Penninsula, Sept. 12, 2008.

U.S. Coast Guard Air Station Houston video; Petty Officer Renee C. Aiello

Part 1

Part 2

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  1. Chuck Foreman says:

    NICE JOB !

  2. dian c says:

    Wow!! Thank God for you guys!

  3. debbie warner says:

    The good Lord has blessed us with men and women like you!

  4. Bobbi Craig says:

    I am a journalist covering this story. There were actually three children rescued here. Two were female and one was male, along with the four men. All of which are very thankful to Shane Moore, the rescuer who pulled them all out.

  5. WOW!! As a “Coastie Mom” I am sooo proud of all of you brave men and women– ESPECIALLY you rescue swimmers! What an amazing rescue!

  6. Barbara Maggiani, PA-C says:

    Bravo to the great work of the USCG and Air Rescue teams in particular. I worked at the USCG MIA Air Rescue Station as civilian medical provider about 5 years ago. I love these Coasties! Greatest bunch of folks I have ever had the privilege of caring for and working with.