Vessel freed from beach at Copalis

SEATTLE – A third day of salvage attempts proved fruitful late afternoon Saturday, when the Anna Marie was finally pulled free from the beach during high tide at Copalis. The boat ran aground on Wednesday morning, and previous attempts to get the vessel off the sand on Thursday and Friday were unsuccessful.

It took at least two hours of pulling during high tide, but the Anna Marie is now safely offshore while the salvage crew readies the boat for a tow into port for repairs.

Responders from the Washington Department of Ecology (Ecology) and Coast Guard have been on scene since Wednesday to coordinate and monitor attempts to get the vessel into deep water again. The boat had been in a precarious position, also putting at risk 1,000 gallons of diesel and another 200 gallons of other petroleum products.

Ecology and Coast Guard had plans in place and equipment staged to remove fuel from the Anna Marie had today’s salvage attempt not gone well.

The vessels owners are now working on a tow plan, which details how and where the Anna Marie will be taken for repairs. The Coast Guard must first approve the tow plan.

The salvage effort was conducted by Fred Devine Diving and Salvage.

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