U.S. Coast Guard Units Throughout California Ready to Support Gulf Coast

ALAMEDA, Calif. – As Hurricane Gustav gains strength, U.S. Coast Guard units and resources are being mobilized and commencing initial deployments tomorrow. Additionally, several experienced California-based units are on standby status and are ready to deploy to the Gulf Coast as the hurricane’s path and strength are monitored.

Among the units leaving tomorrow, an HH-65 helicopter from Air Station San Francisco and its crew are deploying to Air Station Houston. This crew will be working with Coast Guard personnel from around the nation, in addition to numerous federal, state and local volunteer organizations. One of the pilots leaving tomorrow from Air Station San Francisco also deployed during Hurricane Katrina and has experience conducting air operations in the Gulf Coast region.

The California-based units that are on standby status include crews and resources from Air Station Los Angeles/Long Beach, Air Station San Diego, Air Station Sacramento and Air Station Humboldt Bay. Other West Coast-based Coast Guard units that are mobilizing include disaster assistance teams, damage assessment teams, emergency response teams and a reconstruction team. All are trained and ready to support the types of missions that would be required in the aftermath of a severe hurricane.

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