U.S. Coast Guard rescues 50 boatpeople in Mona Pass, searches for more

Dominican Today is reporting that:

The United States Coast Guard on Tuesday rescued 50 boatpeople in the Mona Pass 14 nautical miles from Mayaguez, Puerto Rico, as the search for survivors continues.

Although the immigrants’ origin is unknown, it’s presumed most of them are from the Dominican Republic, local agencies said.

Coast Guard press officer Ricardo Castrodat said the undocumented traveler’s yola was intercepted trying to reach Puerto Rico illegally, but weather conditions worsened and the homemade boat sank.

He said Coast Guard helicopters still search for an undetermined number of people. “Helicopters continue to search the scene until all the people accounted for and to make sure we have everybody. So far there are no reports of any person drowned or dead.”

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