U.S. Coast Guard Hosts Uruguayan Coast Guard Officers

New Haven, Conn. – U.S. Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound hosted five Uruguayan Coast Guard officers Thursday at its command headquarters here.

The Uruguayan officers delegation was led by Capitan De Navio (rank abbreviated as C/N) Osvaldo Seveso Vidal who’s rank is equivalent to a U.S. Coast Guard Captain. The delegation visited Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound, Aids to Navigation Team Long Island Sound and Station New Haven. The visit provided the Uruguayans a glimpse of our Coast Guard’s daily operations and training, and facilitated a sharing of ideas and goodwill.

U.S. Air Force Reserve Maj. Steve Combs and Conn. Army National Guard Capt. Julian Muller escorted the five Uruguayan Coast Guard officers. Muller is the Conn. State Partnership Program Coordinator.

The Uruguayan delegation listened to briefings presented by Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound’s Response, Prevention and Logistic staffs, by its Aids to Navigation Team, and by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection Port Director. The group then toured the Coast Guard Command Center and rode aboard a Station New Haven response boat for a briefing on our Coast Guard’s homeland security and law enforcement patrols. The group was also shown the high-speed maneuvering capabilities of the Coast Guard’s newest 25-foot Response Boats.

“We were honored to host our international partners from the Uruguayan Coast Guard”, stated Chief of Sector Long Island Sound’s Response Department Commander Bob McKenna. “It was a great opportunity to share practices and policies. We look forward to future visits.”

Coast Guard Sector Long Island Sound is the regional headquarters that manages search and rescue, homeland security, law enforcement, ice operations and pollution response misisons along Connecticut’s shoreline, Long Island Sound, Long Island, N.Y. and off shore to 200 miles.

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