U.S. Coast Guard hosts North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Principals’ Summit in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Coast Guard and its counterparts from Canada, China, Japan, Korea, and Russia will meet this week to discuss topics on drug trafficking, maritime security, fisheries enforcement and illegal migration as part of the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum Principals’ Summit.

The six coast guards (or equivalent organizations) meet semi-annually, taking turns hosting the meetings each year. This year, the U.S. Coast Guard hosted the 2008 meetings. The first session, called the experts’ meeting, took place in March in Seattle.

This week’s meeting, called the principals’ summit, will be hosted by the U.S. Coast Guard’s Pacific Area, commanded by Vice Adm. David Pekoske.

“The North Pacific Ocean is such a large body of water that it’s impossible for one country to patrol and oversee that entire domain,” said Capt. Robert Day, Deputy Commander of Maintenance and Logistics Command Pacific. “The forum fosters a coordinated and collaborated effort, and I think everybody that’s involved sees the benefits achieved by our work.”

The Coast Guard’s involvement in the forum improves cooperation with the partner services throughout the region. By sharing practices and capabilities among its partners, the North Pacific Coast Guard Forum enables the Pacific Rim communities to address large-scale maritime challenges.

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