US Coast Guard comes to aid of Iranian fisherman in Persian Gulf

A story from today’s International Herald Tribune

CAIRO, Egypt: The U.S. Coast Guard came to the aid of an unconscious Iranian fisherman in the sensitive waters around Iraqs oil terminals, the guard announced Friday.

An Iranian fishing vessel approached a U.S. coast guard ship charged with guarding Iraqs two oil terminals in the northern waters of the Persian Gulf on Aug. 24 and asked for assistance.

The U.S. ships medic gave first aid to an unconscious crew member, pumping oxygen into his lungs before instructing the Iranian ships captain to return to port to receive additional medical help for the crew member.;

“This is a great example of how the Iranian fisherman chose to seek help from the coalition. I believe our presence is definitely appreciated out here,” said Capt. Paul Severs, commander of the Coast Guard task force.

“Its being recognized by local fisherman, regardless of nationality, that coalition forces are here to not only provide maritime security in the region, but assist mariners in distress.”

The Bahrain-based force patrols the sensitive waters in the northern Persian Gulf near the Kuwaiti, Iraqi and Iranian borders from where nearly all of Iraqs oil is exported.

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