Update – Coast Guard closes Mississippi, St. Louis Harbor

ST LOUIS – The Coast Guard closed the Mississippi River from mile marker 174 to 189, which includes the St. Louis Harbor, due to high water and navigational hazards at approximately 9 a.m. yesterday.

This section is closed to all recreational vessels and commercial traffic with exceptions made for vessels with two or fewer barges. Such exceptions can only transit during daylight hours or at Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi’s discretion.

The river is also closed to recreational vessels between mile markers 168.7 and 437.1.

Other waterways that are closed due to high water are as follows:

The Illinois River is closed from mile marker 0 to 24.

The Kaskaskia River is closed from mile marker 0 to 21.

A no wake zone has been established for these two closures and a reduction in speed is required when transiting through mile markers 20 to 22 on the Illinois River.

Recreational vessels are restricted from entering either closure.

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