Unified Command responds to pollution in Huntington Beach flood control channel

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif. – A Unified Command made up of federal, state and local officials responded to an oil pollution incident at a Huntington Beach flood control channel Friday afternoon, east of Beach Boulevard and south of Adams Avenue.

The spill is fully contained as of Saturday.

A majority of the oil within the channel has been recovered. A plan was established Friday evening to continue oil recovery efforts until clean-up operations are complete.

The County of Orange contracted with Ocean Blue Environmental Services for containment and clean-up. Containment barriers have been placed in the channel. Absorbent materials and vacuum trucks are being used to remove oil.

Huntington Beach Public Works conducted visual inspections of all manholes and storm drains that connect to the channel within the vicinity. Oil draining in through storm drains has been eliminated as a potential source and investigations are continuing.

The Unified Command consists of the U.S. Coast Guard, California Department of Fish & Game, the County of Orange and the Huntington Beach Fire Department, Huntington Beach Public Works Department., Huntington Beach Waste Water, Huntington Beach Wetlands Conservancy and Ocean Blue Environmental Services.

A Coast Guard Air Station Los Angeles MH-65C Dolphin helicopter conducted an over-flight of the affected area and confirmed that the oil product was contained within the channel.

Observations have concluded that no contamination has passed Newland Street and no wetlands have been affected.

The Oiled Wildlife Care Network is prepared to treat any affected wildlife. If the public observes any oiled wildlife they are asked not to approach or collect wildlife, but please call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network Center at 1-877-UCD-OWCN.

A plan by the Unified Command has been set to ensure the safety of the public and the response personnel, to monitor the contamination and maximize protection of the environmentally sensitive areas, to contain and recover spilled product, to recover and rehabilitate injured wildlife and to remove oil from impacted zones and dispose of the product effectively.

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