Unified Command continues spill response near Paducah

D8 LogoPADUCAH, Ky. – The unified command in Paducah continues to respond to a spill in the Mississippi River at mile marker 937, Wednesday as active recovery efforts are underway to remove the submerged clarified slurry oil spilled as a result of a vessel collision on September 2, 2015.

Recovery is focused on the two anomalies near the incident site that were detected by high resolution side scan sonar.  These two areas were broken down into 24 grids to enable response personnel to target removal of the oil and document the progress.

As of Tuesday afternoon, an environmental clamshell equipped with precision dredge position software was removing moderate to heavily oiled sediment from the river bottom.  In addition, Vessel Submerged Oil Recovery Systems (VSORS) pulling snare lines are also being utilized in the recovery of oil in the grids with less concentrated oil deposits.  Re-assessment of these areas by side scan sonar will determine if the end point recovery criteria for pollution has been met.

Hydrocarbon sampling of the water column and sediment will continue throughout these recovery operations.

The cause of the incident is still under investigation by the Coast Guard and the national Transportation Safety Board.

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