Two Boaters Rescued in Moriches Inlet

 New York – Two people on a disabled boat were rescued by the Coast Guard moments before their vessel crashed into the breakers in Moriches Inlet around 12:27 a.m. today.

The 18-foot pleasure craft lost power and was dragging anchor toward the 5-foot waves when the Coast Guard rescue crew from Station East Moriches launched from their beds and responded to the scene in 13 minutes. The rescue crew threw a mooring line to one of the men onboard who brought it the front of the boat and attached it to a cleat. The Coast Guard rescue crew told the men to pull the anchor free but the anchor was pulling toward the breaker and unable to move. They were instructed by the Coast Guard coxswain to cut the line allowing the boat to be pulled from the breakers.

‘They were five feet away when we got them in tow and pulled them to safety,’ said Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew Anthony, the coxswain of the three man rescue crew. ‘It’s a very dangerous inlet. They were lucky we got there as soon as we did and were able to pull them to safety. They were both smart for having on their lifejackets.’

Once the vessel was pulled to safer water, the rescue crew put the boat in side tow and safely moored the vessel at Coast Guard Sector Field Office Moriches in Hampton Bays, NY.

The anchor line knocked loose a metal running light cover injuring the elbow of the owner of the boat when it broke free. He was met by the East Moriches Volunteer Ambulance Company at the pier and taken to a local hospital.

The Coast Guard reminds all boaters to boat smart, wear a lifejacket, and take advantage of the Coast Guard Auxiliary’s free vessel inspection program.

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