Tug Seneca Recovery Plan

GRAND MARAIS, MI – The Coast Guard and environmental response contractors have developed a plan for recovery of the Tug Seneca, currently run aground in Lake Superior.

Earlier this week, weather conditions, forced the Coast Guard and contractors to suspend pollution response operations for the Seneca. During that period, pollution responders assessed the effectiveness of past actions and made preparations for future response operations.

Future operations will encompass four stages of action. The first stage calls for responders to access the interior of the vessel to safely remove as much product as possible. The second stage will assess the vessel’s watertight integrity and ability to float. During the third stage, a trench will be dug from the vessel to a water depth safe for re-floating. The fourth stage calls for the tug to be towed from its current location back to Sault Ste. Marie. Once the vessel arrives in the Sault, the vessel will be returned to the owner.

The current operational plan takes into consideration personnel safety and environmental concerns. The plan will reduce the amount of time personnel and equipment will operate in an exposed portion of Lake Superior. In addition, the removal of the tug will prevent further environmental concerns.

The Coast Guard and contractors will continue to monitor the situation and adjust actions accordingly.

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