Today in Coast Guard History – March 14th

  • 1819-“The Artegan Privateer GENERAL ARTIGAS was yesterday brought into this port. The ARTIGAS sailed from Baltimore about 5 months ago, commanded by Captain Ford, with a complement of 60 men and 10 guns. They took no prizes, though they boarded a number of Portugese vessels but permitted them to proceed unmolested. She touched at St. Domingo, there parted her cable in a gale, then proceeded on her cruise. She sprung a leak and then put into the Chesapeake, the crew then mutinied and nearly the whole of them left the vessel and went on shore. She was taken possession of by the Cutter MONROE, March 14, 1819.” [ Taken from the New York Evening Post, March 23, 1819. ]
  • 1909- Gloucester, Massachusetts: a launch became disabled 3/4 mile southeast of the station. Surfmen manned the power lifeboat and started to assist. On the trip out a schooner was discovered anchored in a dangerous berth 1 3/4 miles southeast of the station. Surfmen put a towline on the schooner, and, with her sails drawing, she was towed into a safe anchorage.
  • 1987-Coast Guard helicopters rescued the crew of the sinking Soviet freighter Komsomolets Kirgizii 220 miles off the coast of New Jersey during a gale. A HC-130 was first on the scene and stood by the listing freighter until HH-3’s from Air Station Cape Cod arrived and saved the freighter’s 37-person crew.

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