Thirteenth District Member Named Coast Guard Auxiliarist of the Year

Washington,  DC – Marilynn R. Leonard of Flotilla 42,located in the Thirteenth Coast Guard District has been named the 2008 Coast Guard Auxiliarist of the Year.

Ms. Leonard joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary in June 2006 and immediately became an acitve participant, demonstrating tremendous enthusiasm and devotion to duty.  She completed and extremely challenging battery of Auxiliary qualifications including Vessel Examiner, RBS Program Visitor, Instructor and two Public Affairs schools in her first year as an Auxiliarist.  Moreover, in the short time sine her enrollment, Ms Leonard has dedicated over 5,400 hours of service across many Auxiliary mission areas.

Ms. Leonard has provided extensive direct support of Coast Guard operations, strategic planning, and maritime domain awareness programs.  She has worked on a wide variety of area photo mapping projects used by many Federal and State agencies, and she has been an integral part of leadership councils for both the Thirteenth District and Air station Port Angeles.  Ms Leonard now focuses much of her olunteer activity as the Assistant Public Affairs Officer for Air Station Port Angeles, providing full time public affairs support for the unit.  She also serves as manager of the Citizens Action Network team for the Straits of Juan de Fuca, a unique organization that provides the Coast Guard with invaluable maritime domain awareness by closely monitoring regional coasts and waterways.

Displaying outstanding initiative combined with remarkable commitment to recruitment and diversity, Ms. Leonard spearheaded establishment of an auxiliary Flotilla detachment in Forks, Wa.  As Detachment Leader, she created a comprehensive unit training program and personally recruited seven new members, including key regional Native American Tribal leaders.

Ms. Leonard will be recognized during ceremonies at the Coast Guard Auxiliary National Conference in Chicago on August 29, 2009.

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