The Maritime Mobile Service Net Part 2

This is the second in a 5 part series on the Maritime Mobile Service Net by John Emery

Maritime Mobile Service Net members know that piracy didn’t die with Blackbeard!

On Friday, April 13 2007 at 4:45 PM EST (0045z 2007/04/14), a MAYDAY call was made to the net frequency.   The S/V Argonauta was in distress, actively being stalked by a power vessel with 4 males on board.  The ARGONAUTA had made 4 course corrections, with the power vessel performing identical course changes shadowing the S/V Argonauta, and was now beginning to rapidly close the distance.  The S/V Argonauta was declaring a probable sea piracy situation in-process.

The S/V Argonauta is a 43’ C&C sailboat, white with blue trim, with two females on board.

They reported their position as 18° 52.51’N x 67° 52.51’W (in the Mona Straits, Puerto Rico), steering a course of 111°T at 4.7 knots.

The pertinent information was obtained by the net and relayed to the USCG San Juan, Puerto Rico.

The USCG scrambled a vessel and helicopter to the vessel in distress.  Due to propagation, USCG San Juan was unable to communicate to S/V Argonauta on 14.300.  The MMSN acted as a relay station in support of the information exchange between USCG and S/V Argonauta.

After arriving on-site, the USCG determined the vessel shadowing the S/V Argonauta was a migrant vessel, and the vessel was detained.  The S/V Argonauta continued on their voyage without further incident.

Net Control Operators controllers AG4SI, K5MP and K5SIV foiled the modern-day Blackbeards by creating the vital communications link between S/V Argonauta and the U.S. Coast Guard.

Tomorrow: Medical Emergency in the Caribbean

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