Teen on Jet Ski Rescued Near Fire Island

NEW YORK (CG Public Affairs) – A 16-year-old West Islip, N.Y., native, was rescued by the U.S. Coast Guard after he ran aground on a jet ski and began taking on water near Fire Island, N.Y., around 2:53 p.m. today.

The teen punctured the hull of his jet ski after running aground during a recreational boating trip. The Coast Guard received a phone call requesting assistance. A 25-foot rescue boat crew was already underway at the time of the incident.

“We were returning from another case when the station got the call,” said Petty Officer 3rd Class Martin Konoako, a Coast Guard boat crewmember who responded to the incident. “When we got the position we realized we were nearby, looked to our left and saw the jet ski tied up to another boat. We went over and asked if he needed assistance, which he did, and we took the jet ski in side-tow. We used our hand-pump to dewater the vessel as we headed back to the marina.”

The teen was wearing a lifejacket at the time of the incident and there were no reports of injury or pollution. The Coast Guard strongly urges recreational boaters to maintain situational awareness and to wear lifejackets while enjoying recreational activities.

Weather on scene was reported at five mile per hour winds and one to two foot seas.

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