Task Force Exercises Mass Migration Plan

MIAMI, FL — Homeland Security Task Force Southeast is scheduled to conduct a command post exercise Dec. 12 and 13 at the Broward County Convention Center to exercise the task force’s mass migration plan.

More than 250 response personnel from more than a dozen local, county, state and federal agencies are expected to participate in the two-day exercise. The exercise, mandated by presidential directive, will help planners validate the contents of the plan, identify any areas for improvement and will help responders to become more familiar with the plan and more proficient in their response efforts. The exercise also provides responders with an opportunity to work together in a learning environment, before an event requires a unified response.

Established in June 2003, pursuant to Homeland Security Presidential Directive Five, the task force is required by Homeland Security Presidential Directive Eight to exercise the mass migration plan as part of the national preparedness goal. The timing of this year’s exercise in no way reflects concern over recent events in Cuba — in fact the mass migration plan does not focus on any single country, rather it addresses mass migration from any Caribbean nation.

“This exercise provides an excellent opportunity for the members of Homeland Security Task Force Southeast to further refine their skills and to further build upon our already solid partnerships,” said Rear Adm. David W. Kunkel, director of Homeland Security Task Force Southeast and commander of the Seventh Coast Guard District. “We want to remain ready and able to effectively respond to a mass migration event and exercising our plan helps us to retain that edge.”

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