Tanker Runs Aground Off Sandy Hook

AP is reporting that an oil tanker carrying more than 450,000 barrels has run aground in Ambrose Channel between Sandy Hook and Coney Island.

From the AP story:

Something went wrong with the steering system on the ship at about 6:30 a.m., causing the White Sea to turn off course and run into the sandy bottom of Ambrose Channel, said Coast Guard spokesman Chief Bob Laura. The tanker deployed a boom meant to contain any spill, but none occurred, Laura said. Three tug boats were trying to help the vessel, which was in the waters between Brooklyn’s Coney Island and Sandy Hook National Park in New Jersey.

The Coast Guard set up a security zone around the vessel, but traffic departing from the Port of New York and New Jersey was unimpeded, Laura said. All vessels leaving the port to head to open sea must take the route.

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