Hurricane Sandy Response Teams to distribute pollution notices

Hurricane Sandy Response Teams to distribute pollution notices
NEW YORK – Coast Guard pollution response teams will begin leaving notices to owners of vehicles, vessels or tanks that are potential pollution threats to the marine environment in New York and New Jersey. Working with local marinas and municipalities, the teams will search for damaged or displaced vehicles, vessels or tanks that could contain oil or hazardous substances. If the teams discover...

Coast Guard responds to potentially damaged vessel in the Port of Los Angeles

PORT OF LOS ANGELES – The Coast Guard is responding to a report received early Wednesday from the 613-ft Philippines-flagged bulk carrier Western Seattle stating a rise in fuel tank levels that could result in a potential spill onboard the vessel.

Coast Guard and agency partner continue clean-up efforts around sunk tug

SAN FRANCISCO – The U.S. Coast Guard and California Fish and Game’s Office of Spill Pervention and Response continue the investigation and oversight of clean-up efforts after the decommissioned naval tug, the USS Wenonah, sunk at Pier 1 on Treasure Island, here.

Coast Guard responds to pollution on Noyo River

FORT BRAGG, Calif. – The Coast Guard, in cooperation with the California Department of Fish and Game, has been overseeing the cleanup efforts, ongoing since Sunday, June 14, of approximately 30 gallons of oil released into the Noyo River when the 52-foot fishing vessel, Tango, sank at its dock.