Coast Guard launches merchant mariner credential verification Web-based tool

WASHINGTON — The U.S. Coast Guard announced Thursday the launch of a new, Web-based tool to provide information on the validity of merchant mariner credentials.

Operation Big Tow confirms 99% of towing vessel operators properly licensed

NEW ORLEANS – The Eighth Coast Guard District recently completed Operation Big Tow, a three-month long effort designed as a result of a collision between a cargo vessel and a loaded oil barge on the Mississippi River that spilled more than 282,000 gallons of #6 fuel oil to spill into the river. Operation Big Tow was designed to ensure vessel operators were properly licensed for their respective...

MSU Port Arthur, Lake Charles conduct examinations in operation Big Tow

PORT ARTHUR, Texas – Coast Guard Marine Safety Unit Port Arthur and Lake Charles participated in Operation Big Tow the week of January 12-15, 2009.

No discrepancies during Operation Big Tow on Upper Mississippi

ST. LOUIS – Personnel from Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River have contacted and safety-checked more than 74 towing vessels and examined 310 mariner licenses and have found no discrepancies in the early phases of Operation Big Tow in the upper Mississippi River region.

Operation Big Tow begins on the upper Mississippi River

ST. LOUIS – The Coast Guard Sector Upper Mississippi River and other Coast Guard units, along the Western River System began Operation Big Tow today, an operation to ensure towing vessels are being operated by properly licensed individuals through a combination of vessel safety checks and verbal “call in” checks.

Coast Guard Sector Mobile to conduct safety spot checks of towing vessels

MOBILE, Ala. – Coast Guard Sector Mobile units along the Florida Panhandle, Alabama, and Mississippi Gulf Coast, and associated inland waterways will begin operations to ensure towing vessels are properly manned and crews have proper licensing as part of Operation Big Tow.

Coast Guard uncovers violations in first round of towboat inspections

Jen DeGregorio of the The Times-Picayune reports in New Orleans Local & Small Business News that A fledgling Coast Guard inspection program meant to crack down on the towboat and barge industry has already uncovered several licensing problems aboard vessels traveling through New Orleans. Dubbed Operation Big Tow, the program aims to better regulate mariners in the wake of a massive summer oil spill...

Coast Guard Begins Operation Big Tow along the First Coast

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – Coast Guard units along the First Coast will be conducting a marine safety operation November through January to ensure uninspected towing vessels are properly manned with adequate numbers of qualified and licensed crewmembers.

Operation Big Tow Begins on Great Lakes

Cleveland – The Ninth Coast Guard District will commence Operation Big Tow within the Great Lakes area of responsibility to ensure commercial tugs are compliant with rules, regulations and licensing procedures.