Port Security Unit 311 – Land Security in a Port Security Unit

KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait – What does the Army do when it doesn’t have enough soldiers on hand qualified to “man” the turret guns on its HMMWVs for patrols – it calls the Coast Guard.

Port Security Unit 311 – The Mission in Kuwait

KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait — The U.S. Coast Guard Port Security Unit 311, based out of San Pedro, Calif. deployed to the Kuwaiti Naval Base Dec. 4, with the Navy’s Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron One (MSRON ONE) as part of the Combined Task Group 56.5, under the Naval Expeditionary Combat Command.

Port Security Unit 311 – Changing The Watch in Kuwait

KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait – December 12, 2008 may not be remembered as a special day in history. But for Port Security Unit 309 from Cleveland Ohio it will probably be a day to remember. It’s the day that Port Security Unit 311 from San Pedro, Calif. took over the Coast Guard’s portion of the port security operations in Kuwait, and PSU 309 could start packing to go home in time for Christmas.

Port Security Unit 311 – Preparations To Deploy to Kuwait

KUWAIT NAVAL BASE, Kuwait – As the 747 touched down at three in the morning, an eerie silence fell over the 340 Coast Guard and Navy personnel inside. Where moments before an excited chatter had filled the cabin, now it was quiet. Presumably, it could have been the almost 19 hours of flying that the unit had to endure, and the journey had finally come to an end, but more that likely it was because...

Joint Navy-Coast Guard Security Squadron Deploys to Mideast

SAN DIEGO – About 340 Navy and Coast Guard personnel from the Navy’s Maritime Expeditionary Security Squadron ONE (MSRON ONE) will deploy today to the Middle East to provide seaward surveillance and security forces in amphibious areas and harbors, and military significant coastal and inshore areas in Iraq and Kuwait. MSRON ONE embodies the 13th detachment of Maritime Expeditionary Security...