Cutter Tahoma Returning to Maine from Haiti

KITTERY, MAINE ­­­­– The Coast Guard Cutter Tahoma, based at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard is scheduled to return home today after a 56-day patrol in the Caribbean, which included providing support to Haiti after the Jan. 12 earthquake.

Coast Guard Cutter Oak returns from 30-day deployment

CHARLESTON, S.C. — The Coast Guard Cutter Oak returned home to Charleston Saturday after a 30-day deployment to Florida, Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, Port Au Prince, Haiti, and San Juan, Puerto Rico

Video – Port Security Unit 305 Guantanamo Bay Mission Overview

This Coast Guard video provides an overview of the work of Coast Guard Port Security Unit 305, currently stationed with the Joint Task Force Guantanamo Bay.

Guarding GITMO

by Jeffrey Pollinger, Coast Guard District 13 SEATTLE Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is the oldest U.S. Naval base located outside the continental United States. It’s also been the center of attention recently because enemy combatants have been detained there since the war on terror began. But it was also home to Coast Guard Port Security Unit (PSU) 313 during a six-month deployment. From December, 2007...

Port security unit to return from deployment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba

SEATTLE – Port Security Unit (PSU) 313, based in Tacoma, Wash., will return home Saturday after a six-month deployment in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. As part of the multi-agency Joint Task Force, the unit provided anti-terrorism force protection by patrolling the waters near the U.S. naval base since Dec., 2007. Coast Guard port security units are deployable anywhere in the world and maintains port...