Coast Guard repatriates 16 Cuban migrants

USCG file photoMIAMI — The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Knight Island repatriated 16 Cuban migrants to Bahia de Cabañas, Cuba, Monday. The Knight Island crew interdicted a go-fast vessel approximately 19 miles west of Orange Cay, Bahamas, Saturday. Aboard the 33-foot vessel were 17 Cuban migrants and three suspected smugglers. The three suspected smugglers were transferred to Customs and Border...

Coast Guard Cutter Thetis crew seizes more than 1,100 lbs of cocaine

Cutter Thetis file photoKEY WEST, Fla. — The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Thetis interdicted a go-fast vessel carrying more than 1,100 pounds of cocaine and also detained five suspected smugglers off the coast of Nicaragua, Dec. 3. At approximately 10 p.m., Dec. 3, Thetis crewmembers spotted a suspicious go-fast vessel. Thetis crewmembers launched their smallboat with a boarding team to investigate,...

Cutter Hamilton Returns Home From Successful Drug Patrol

SAN DIEGO – The Coast Guard Cutter Hamilton is scheduled to return to its homeport at Naval Base San Diego, Thursday, Sept. 30, following a 76-day deployment to the Eastern Pacific that resulted in the interdiction of four suspected narcotics smuggling vessels. During Hamilton’s deployment, the crew and embarked aviation detachment routinely deployed cutter small-boats and the embarked helicopter....

Coast Guard nabs 2,300 pounds of cocaine off Panama

MIAMI — Coast Guard law-enforcement crews interdicted a go-fast vessel carrying 2,300 pounds of cocaine about 20 miles off the coast of Panama Tuesday morning.

Coast Guard stops 2 go-fast vessels carrying cocaine off Panama

MIAMI – Coast Guard crews stopped two go-fast vessels carrying cocaine and assault weapons off the coast of Panama.

USCGC Chase comes home after successful 3-month Counter Narcotics patrol

SAN DIEGO, Calif. — The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Chase returned to homeport here, Thursday, after a successful three month deployment conducting law enforcement operations off the coast of Central and South America.

Video – Go-Fast Dumping Dope

SAN DIEGO – A “Go-Fast” smuggling boat flees from a Coast Guard patrol aircraft 160 miles south of San Diego Feb. 12 The Go-Fast was observed jettisoning bails of contraband, which tested positive as marijuana.

Coast Guard Seizes 1.5 Tons of Cocaine After Hot Pursuit

COAST GUARD ISLAND, ALAMEDA, Calif. – While on a counter narcotics patrol in the Eastern Pacific Ocean, the U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Chase detected a small contact traveling in excess of 30 knots northbound off the coast of Colombia. The Chase immediately began preparations to interdict the suspected go-fast vessel. A go-fast vessel is usually a powerful, custom-built, fiberglass boat with at...

A Different Kind of Bale Out

It weighs about 50 pounds. It is packaged in white or black plastic woven fabric, much like the material used for a 20-pound bag of rice. Except it’s cocaine, not rice, that’s packaged within 20 kilo-sized bricks each measuring the size of an elementary school textbook are filled inside of what is commonly referred to as a bale of cocaine.