Cutter Diligence crew to return from 51-day patrol

WILMINGTON, N.C. – The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Diligence are scheduled to return home to Wilmington from a law enforcement patrol throughout the Caribbean Sea and Yucatan Basin today.

Cutter Kodiak Island crew returns to Key West

KEY WEST, Fla. – The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Kodiak Island will return to Key West Saturday after completing a four-week deployment to the Windward Passage in the central Caribbean Sea.

Coast Guard Cutter returns to Wilmington, N.C., after Caribbean counter-drug operations

WILMINGTON, N.C. – The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Diligence is scheduled to return to Wilmington Thursday following a 54-day counter-narcotics patrol in the Caribbean Sea.

Coast Guard rescues, returns 242 Haitian migrants to Port-au-Prince, Haiti

MIAMI – The crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Diligence returned 242 Haitian migrants to Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Thursday after the crew of the Coast Guard Cutter Seneca located a grossly overloaded 50-foot sail freighter about 25 miles west of Ile de la Tortue, Haiti, Monday night.

Diligence returns from Alien Migrant Interdiction Operations

WILMINGTON, N.C. – The U.S. Coast Guard Cutter Diligence will return to its homeport of Wilmington, Sept. 30, after patrolling in the Windward Pass in support of Coast Guard Alien Migration Interdiction Operations. The Diligence departed Wilmington Aug. 10 for a 52-day patrol in the Windward Passage. The Diligence crew started this patrol by embarking 43 Haitian migrants attempting to gain illegal...

Coast Guard repatriates 83 Haitians to Cap Haitien

MIAMI – The Coast Guard Cutter Diligence repatriated 83 Haitians to Cap Haitien, Haiti, Wednesday after being found aboard a sail freighter Sunday. Crewmembers aboard a Coast Guard HU-25 Falcon jet located a 40-foot sail freighter Sunday, 30 miles southeast of Great Inagua, Bahamas. Working closely with the Royal Bahamian Defense Force, the 83 Haitian migrants were interdicted and safely embarked...