Boaters are reminded to be safe Columbus Day weekend

Boaters are reminded to be safe Columbus Day weekend
MIAMI — The Coast Guard would like to encourage boaters to enjoy their Columbus Day weekend on the water safely. The Coast Guard stresses to the boating public that waterways in south Florida will be even more dangerous and harder to navigate due to the increased amount of boat traffic that Columbus Day Regatta brings. Coast Guard crews, including many from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, will be patrolling...

Coast Guard urges boating safety for 4th of July holiday

Coast Guard urges boating safety for 4th of July holiday
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. – The Coast Guard is urging marines to exercise safe practices while recreating on the water during this Fourth of July holiday. The week of July Fourth experiences a high number of boaters taking to the water. The Coast Guard advises the public to take responsibility for their safety on the water. Boaters should be aware of and obey all federal and state regulations for...

Coast Guard urges safe boating for Labor Day weekend

BALTIMORE — The Coast Guard reminds boaters to boat smart this holiday weekend after Hurricane Irene passed through the area. Mariners should use caution when transiting the waterways due to the possible presence of debris and other hazards to navigation from the storm. The Coast Guard along with federal, state and local agencies responded to more than 345 cases in the upper Chesapeake Bay...

Coast Guard stresses safety after several boaters cited for lack of life jackets

CLEVELAND – The Ninth Coast Guard District is urging boaters to take the proper safety precautions after Coast Guard boarding teams escorted seven boaters back to marinas this weekend, having determined they did not have the sufficient number of life jackets onboard. To meet U.S. Coast Guard requirements, a boat must have a Coast Guard-approved type I, II, III, or V (wearable) life jacket for...

Coast Guard, Massachusetts Environmental Police sign recreational boating safety cooperative agreement

BOSTON — The Coast Guard’s First District commander and the director of Massachusetts Environmental Police signed a memorandum of agreement Feb. 1, 2011. Col. Aaron Gross, Massachusetts Environmental Police director, and Rear Adm. Daniel A. Neptun, First District Coast Guard commander, formalized the agreement, defining how the state and Coast Guard will work together to oversee recreational...

Coast Guard and Vermont sign recreational boating safety cooperative agreement

BOSTON — Vermont State Police, Marine Division, and the First Coast Guard District have signed a memorandum of agreement which will set the framework and procedures for the relationship between the Coast Guard and Vermont. Keith W. Flynn, Vermont commissioner of public safety, and Rear Admiral Daniel A. Neptun, First Coast Guard District commander, recently formalized this partnership. The agreement...

Coast Guard urges water safety after wave of holiday weekend accidents

CLEVELAND – With the deaths of eight people during Memorial Day Weekend in Great Lakes’ waters, the Ninth Coast Guard District is urging everyone on the water to be especially cautious during the upcoming summer season.

SWEET – It’s The Opening of Boating Season

SEATTLE — As the Pacific Northwest prepares to kick off the 2010 boating season, the Coast Guard would like to remind boaters to have a ‘SWEET’ time on the water.

Coast Guard emphasizes boating safety year-round

SAN DIEGO — The Coast Guard urges boaters to make safety a priority this holiday weekend, as summer draws to a close on Labor Day.