Wrapping it up: A look at the Coast Guard’s dual role in Fleet Week festivities

The Coast Guard’s dual role as an enforcer and participant during Fleet Week in the Bay Area is a testament to its unique missions evident during this weekend’s festivities. Air Station San Francisco SAR DemoWhile enforcing special local regulations by ensuring a 500-yard buffer between naval ships and those on the water, Coast Guard crews remain responsive to search and rescue, port security,...

Coast Guard responds to mayday; escorts four boaters to safety

ALAMEDA, Calif. – The Coast Guard escorted four boaters to safety early this morning near Horseshoe Cove after responding to a mayday call at 9:12 p.m. Sunday evening.

Fisherman rescued by the Coast Guard after abandoning ship

SAN FRANCISCO – The Coast Guard rescued a fisherman from a liferaft with the help of a cargo ship transiting toward Oakland Wednesday night.

Debris field causes search and investigation

SAN FRANCSICO – The Coast Guard searched the San Francisco Bay after locating a debris field near the Golden Gate bridge, this morning.

Coast Guard suspends search for missing persons near Point Reyes

SAN FRANCISCO – The Coast Guard suspended the search for two missing persons from a capsized vessel near Point Reyes last night.

Coast Guard Searching for Two People Near Point Reyes

SAN FRANCISCO – The Coast Guard, working with the local agencies, is searching for two people missing in the water north of Point Reyes after their vessel capsized in heavy surf.

Coast Guard rescues one adult, two children stranded on rocks by high tide

ALAMEDA, Calif. – The Coast Guard rescued three people stranded on rocks near Golden Gate Fields Tuesday night.

Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco welcomes new commanding officer

SAN FRANCISCO – Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco crewmembers welcomed a new commanding officer during a change of command ceremony held at the air station today.

Agencies respond to sinking dredge barge – with video

SAN FRANCISCO – Federal, state, and local agencies responded to a sunk dredge barge in the San Jauquin River yesterday.