Sunken Russian submarine raised in Providence River

PROVIDENCE, RI – The U.S. Navy Mobile Diving and Salvage Unit Two, and the U.S. Army Dive Company were successful today in bringing a sunken Russian submarine to the surface of the Providence River, after it sank at its mooring during a storm in April 2007.

The Coast Guard responded when the submarine, known as the Juliet 484, initially sank to assess any possible pollution or navigational hazard and ensure the vessel did not block the channel.

The Coast Guard will continue monitoring the situation while the owners, the Saratoga Museum Foundation, decide on the next course of action. The foundation is required to provide a safety plan to the Coast Guard that addresses matters of safety related to people working on and around the submarine, and a tow plan if the owners wish to move the submarine from its present position.

Both plans require Coast Guard approval.

“At this point it is important for the Saratoga Museum Foundation to make a prompt and deliberate decision regarding the final disposition of the Juliet 484 in accordance with federal requirements issued by the Coast Guard,” said Capt. Ray Perry, commander of Coast Guard Sector Southeastern New England.

The Navy and Army used the raising of the sub as a training opportunity, and have been working on site since late May of this year.

“We are very fortunate that the Navy took on this salvage operation,” Perry said. “Salvage of this type requires a lot of resources and a high level of expertise. The Navy not only provided what was needed, they have passed on much of what they have learned to the local Coast Guard and the Coast Guard’s Shipboard Emergency Response Team (SERT), a component of the Coast Guard that specializes in supporting vessel casualty mitigation. The information the Navy has provided will aid the Coast Guard and local officials with their responsibility to make sure Juliet 484’s future includes protection of the public and the port of Providence.”

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