Station Little Creek trains, a day of throws and tows

Crew aboard a 45-foot Response Boat-medium toss a heaving line to the crew of a 25-foot Response Boat-small who is playing the role of a vessel in distress during the day’s training in the Chesapeake Bay

Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer David Weydert

PORTSMOUTH, Va. – The crewmembers of Coast Guard Station Little Creek engage in coxswain and crewmember tow training with a 45-foot Response Boat-medium and a 25-foot Response Boat-small in the Chesapeake Bay Tuesday morning.

Crews train for many different situations, from search and rescue cases, to tactical patrols around the Chesapeake Bay.

A rescue tow is a difficult procedure to participate in for the newer personal of any station. Crewmembers need to keep in constant communication between themselves and the boats coxswain, to watch and report the conditions of the tow lines, the ocean, and the status of the distressed vessel. A misheard word, or a missed situation during a rescue could cause disastrous results, and one of the exercises during the tow training is focused on clear and precise communication between the coxswain and the crew, to alleviate any possible miscommunication in a real world situation.

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