St Louis Harbor Open to Limited Commercial Traffic With Restrictions

ST LOUIS (D8 Public Affairs) – The St. Louis Harbor, from mile markers 179 to 184 on the Upper Mississippi River, is open to limited commercial traffic with restrictions.

A joint incident command post has been established for the ST. Louis Harbor to manage vessel traffic and clear the vessel queue. All mariners are required to report to the incident command post on VHF channel 8 or by phone at 314-421-3575 before entering the ST. Louis Harbor.

Vessels are also required to check in with the command post at a number of check points to facilitate safe, orderly traffic flow. Check points for southbound tows are at Lock 27 Fore Bay, Merchants Bridge, and the Jefferson Barracks Bridge. Check points for northbound tows are at the Jefferson Barracks Bridge, the Coast Guard Pier, Eads Bridge, and Lock 27 Fore Bay.

All tows transiting the area are limited to daylight hours only and shall not be greater than 900 feet, excluding the towboat. All tows are not to exceed 4 barge lengths, and the tonnage may not be greater than a loaded 12 barge dry cargo tow. Additional restrictions will also apply based upon the specific area the tow transits. These restrictions will be coordinated through the command post.

Mariners are strongly advised to contact the fleeters at their destination to ensure space is available, ensure fleets are attended by towboats at all times, use caution in passing and meeting situations, and favor the center of the channel.

All towing vessels should proceed at the slowest safe operating speed based upon prevailing conditions in order to minimize wake damage, and use extra caution during all bridge and lock approaches due to swift currents.

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