SITREP: Coast Guard Auxiliary e-zine

So who are these volunteers who wear the Coast Guard Auxiliary uniform? Stop by SITREP and see what they are up to.

SITREP started out as a project to allow the National Public Affairs Department (A Department) to cover the events of OPSAIL 2000. It was the brainchild of Fred Gates and Gregg Trask. It was so well received that Fred decided to venture into making SITREP an e-magazine. Mel came on board in early 2001 and helped evolve today’s SITREP. It has been a team effort all the way, with the most important ingredient being folks like you who read SITREP and support it with your articles and photos.

A new article is published approximately every week. The oldest article is moved to “Past Featured Stories”.

SITREP is published by Editor Mel Borofsky DVC-AP, Webmaster Jim D’Errico BC-API, Webmaster Sanjay Kapur BA-API, Webmaster John Brown BA-API, and Webmaster Daniel Willis BA-API.

Articles can be submitted by anyone, even outside of the Auxiliary. The theme (philosophy) of SITREP is that it features articles about Auxiliarists rather than the Auxiliary itself. Pure organization and program information is left to the various department newsletters and websites. The only time SITREP has ventured beyond this theme is coverage of special events, such as NACON, ISAR, and NTrain. For an article to be considered for publication, it must contain some universal interest for all to read. Articles are not normally published that are about purely local interest, such as a flotilla picnic or division change of watch.

If you are interested in the Auxiliary, stop by SITREP and see what they’ve been up to.

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