Shauna Kay pollution response suspended

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard and Washington Department of Ecology have suspended their pollution response efforts on the barge Shauna Kay that grounded at the Elliot Bay Marina today.

Internal inspections of the hull and tank of the barge revealed no leaks or damage after the Shauna Kay was moved to Pier 91. Olympic Tug and Barge, directed by the Coast Guard, will conduct an underwater assessment of the vessel’s hull for external damage Wednesday. The barge is unable to depart Pier 91 until released by the Coast Guard.

The barge was being towed by the tug Alyssa Ann, operated by Olympic Tug and Barge, at approximately 8:18 p.m. when strong winds broke one of its tow lines blowing the barge into the breakwall of the marina grounding it upon the rocks.

The tug Andrew Foss then assisted the Alyssa Ann with the removal of the Shauna Kay to nearby Pier 91 where it was assessed by pollution and vessel inspectors for damage to its tank.

The Shauna Kay is a 271-foot, double-hulled barge transporting 904 metric tons (approximately 284,000 gallons) of IFC380, a heavy bunker fuel.

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