Security Zone for Kahalui Harbor reset to 100 Yards

KAHULUI, Hawaii — The Coast Guard Captain of the Port today announced his intention to enforce only the 100-yard security zone in Kahului Harbor for transits of the Hawaii Superferry Alakai.

Thus, surfers, paddlers, fishermen, boaters and other recreational users may once again use Kahului Harbor at any time, subject to the restriction they do not approach within 100 yards of the Alakai or any other large passenger vessels when they are in the harbor. Recreational users do not need to get prior permission from the U.S. Coast Guard to use the waters of the harbor for legitimate recreational purposes.

The Coast Guard adopted a temporary security zone that included almost the entire port on Dec. 13 as a means of promoting public safety during the transit of the Alakai in and around Kahului Harbor. That temporary security zone expires Jan. 31, 2008, but, in the interim, remains a tool the Coast Guard and other law enforcement agencies can use to ensure public safety.

The temporary security zone is still in effect and could be reactivated if needed. Another security zone could be crafted and activated Jan. 31, when the current one expires.

“Adopting the temporary security zone was absolutely essential to give county, state, and federal law enforcement officers the necessary tools to deter and, if necessary, respond to acts of unlawful demonstration in Kahului Harbor,” said Coast Guard Capt. Vince Atkins, Captain of the Port.

“Safety has always been our primary concern and the Coast Guard is extremely pleased there have been no injuries or arrests.”

A long-standing 100-yard moving security zone around all large passenger vessels, including the Alakai, when such vessels are in Kahului Harbor, remains in effect. This zone moves with the vessel and remains in effect around the vessel even when the vessel is moored, anchored, or station-keeping (idle). No one is permitted within this moving security zone at any time while it is activated.

If the Coast Guard and its’ law enforcement partners deem it necessary to reactive the larger temporary security zone, recreational users of Kahului Harbor will be alerted by marine information broadcasts on VHF Channel 12 and by red flags flown in and around the harbor.

Any questions by recreational users of Kahului Harbor regarding the security zone should be directed to the Captain of the Port at (808) 927-0865.

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