Seattle HAZMAT Update

SEATTLE – The Coast Guard, Seattle Fire Department, Washington State Department of Ecology and other local response agencies are winding-down their response to a portable tank chemical spill that occurred this morning at Terminal 5, Harbor Island in West Seattle.

The tank contained approximately 6,000 gallons of Di-methyl Carbonate, an industrial solvent, which began leaking when its valve system was damaged while being off-loaded from the Liberian container ship Hyundai Patriot.

A revised estimate of amount spilled is that approximately 600 gallons leaked from the tank on to the pier and that approximately 100 gallons of solvent may have escaped into the Duwamish Waterway. There are no reports of injury. The solvent has been determined to have relatively low toxicity and is expected to readily biodegrade. No wildlife impacts have been observed. Responders and resource experts will continue to monitor the area for environmental impacts.

The terminal operators, Eagle Marine Services, continue to clean-up the area through their contractors, National Response Corporation Environmental Services (NRCES). The leaking tank has had its contents transferred to another tank.

The Coast Guard has re-opened the Duwamish West Waterway and lifted the safety zone to all vessel traffic. A portion of Terminal 5, impacted by the spill, has had cargo operations suspended until the clean-up is completed later this afternoon.

The cause of the spill is still under investigation by the Coast Guard and Washington State Department of Ecology.

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