Search Suspended for Possible Person in the Water near St. Malo Beach

SAN DIEGO – The Coast Guard has suspended their search Monday morning for a possible person in the water near St. Malo Beach in Carlsbad, Calif., after being notified of an unmanned, anchored boat that was found Sunday afternoon.

After reaching the master of the vessel Sunday evening and determining there was likely no one on board the sailboat, Audacity, the search was suspended at 7:52 a.m., after searching for more than five hours for anyone who many have been in the water.

The Joint Harbor Operations Center (JHOC) received a call from the Oceanside Harbor Police at 2:43p.m., Sunday stating they had boarded a 35-foot sailboat, the Audacity, and found no one on board, but found a ladder in the water and other personal effects on the boat.

The Coast Guard would like to remind all mariners to make sure their boats are properly moored, ensuring all lines are strong and stable. Strong winds and waves created by less than desirable weather can cause mooring lines to break, which can cause boats to drift away. When this happens, the unmanned boat can become a navigational hazard.

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