Search Suspended for Missing Cruise Ship Passenger

MIAMI — The Coast Guard suspended its search at 9:15 p.m. Wednesday for a 44-year-old man who went missing from the cruise ship Carnival Victory approximately 38 miles northeast of Cozumel, Mexico.

Steven Manning, 44, of Illinois, was reportedly last seen around 1 a.m. Tuesday. Later that day, his wife had reported him missing to the ship’s crew. After the cruise ship crew completed on board announcements and searches of the ship, the Coast Guard was notified at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

Approximately 1,560 square miles of ocean were searched by two HC-130 Hercules aircrews from Coast Guard Air Station Clearwater, Fla.

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  1. Christina Marylouise Buckley says:

    Hello. I am from Ottawa, and know Steven Manning really well he owned a bar here.
    I have researched and this happens an awful lot on cruises. My sons and I took the same cruise as this man, on the same ship in Nov. wierd coincidence that he went missing from the same ship. Anyway, how often does this really happen? Daily? What is the biggest cause of it?
    Thanks, and much love guys and gals

  2. cgnews says:

    Unfortunately, it happens more more often than you would think. I doubt that it happens daily but if you do a search on this site for cruise ship, you’ll find that it happens often.

  3. kendall says:

    my parents went on this cruise the same time as the man went missing and came back and told me a hell of a story. they said the man commited suicide after losing all of his money on the ship and then getting in a fight with his wife and then taking her mom, then deadbolting his door from the inside and jumping off of his balcony. they searched the whole ship and everyones cabin for the man. The bad part is I bet you he regreted jumped half way down. It was really hard to believe that my parents were there when he did it, on the same ship, and also my aunt was one floor directly below the man. just think what if she were to see him fall. she had a balcony too! they aslo took the man’s wife out of the balcony room thinking she may try and commit suicide too.

  4. WasThere says:

    I was on this cruise. All I know is that just before the late seating of dinner (around 8pm) all passengers were requested to return to their cabins and the crew did a ship-wide search and verification of all passengers. We watched the lido deck camera on the TV as the crew searched everywhere. When the search was complete, everyone went on their way and we heard no announcements as to the results. We heard several rumors, but talk is cheap.
    What I DO know, is that one does not “fall” off a cruise ship. I’ve been on seven Carnival cruises — five times in a balcony cabin. Where there are not walls, the railings are about 45″ high. That is 3 feet 9 inches. You can not “fall” overboard. You must climb or be lifted over the rail.

  5. sue says:

    I have been on cruises b4 one does not fall off the railings are high enough that just does not happen. one must jump or be pushed overboard..

  6. Emily says:

    this is steves daughter and who ever the fuck u r kendall my dad did not commit sucide and my e-mail me at is u have any questions and i think that is very rude that people r saying that my dad killed himself wen i have known him my whole life and he would never do that to himself!!!
    emily manning

  7. Marc says:

    But do you think it would be the fall, the water or the sharks that would do you in?