Search continues for missing sailors 1,000 miles east of Cape Cod

1st Coast Guard District News
BOSTON — The Coast Guard is continuing its search for four sailors approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 kilometers) east of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, Thursday.

Since resuming efforts Tuesday, search teams have covered approximately 12,000 square miles of ocean.

A volunteer vessel in the search area reported objects in the water, but they did not correlate to the Cheeki Rafiki search.

1st Coast Guard District Chief of Response Capt. Anthony Popiel issued the following statement:

“During searches at sea, it is not uncommon to find debris or discarded objects. Locating smaller items in the ocean is actually an indicator of favorable seas and search conditions. Our search assets have found a variety of debris and trash during their searches. The key part is correlating these objects to the search effort. We take reports of debris very seriously and, at this time, no debris or objects reported during this search correlate to the Cheeki Rafiki.

This is still a very remote region of the Atlantic and our search planning is focused on directing the U.S. and international military ships and aircraft we have deployed. We are also working directly with volunteer commercial ships in the area. We want to reiterate to all private mariners the inherent risks of operating in that environment.”

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