Search and Rescue Group to Conduct Exercise in Saipan

GUAM – On December 13th and 14th, members of Search and Rescue (SAR) Group CNMI will conduct training and exercises in an ongoing effort to improve response time and communications during maritime SAR cases.

Agencies involved will include the Saipan Department of Public Safety (DPS) Boating Safety Division, the CNMI Emergency Management Office, The Commonwealth Ports Authority (CPA), the US Coast Guard, and US Navy Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 25 (HSC-25).

The US Coast Guard will provide navigation training and communications coordination to build on knowledge covered in the September 2006 SAR Exercise. Next week’s training will involve a helicopter rescue at sea and will include vessels from DPS and the CPA. The CPA’s Airport Rescue and Firefighting unit will also be conducting helicopter crash recovery training with the HSC-25 crew.

SAR Group CNMI was involved in two recent helicopter rescues at sea near Saipan and Tinian that resulted in four lives saved. Continued training will ensure that rescue units can continue to provide outstanding rescue support to the people of the CNMI.

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