Salvage operations underway in Egg Harbor for towing vessel

EGG HARBOR, Wis. – A towing vessel partially sank while moored at the Egg Harbor Municipal Marina. Members from the U. S. Coast Guard Marine Safety Detachment (MSD) Sturgeon Bay are working closely with the owners of the towing vessel to ensure quick and safe salvage operations. The exact time and cause of the sinking is unknown at this time.

The primary concern is to safely refloat the towing vessel while preventing a pollution incident. The vessel’s fuel tank vents have been capped to minimize the pollution risk. Additionally, sorbent and containment boom have been deployed around the vessel to contain any pollution that may occur. A small amount of oil product has been released, however there are no signs of pollution outside of the containment boom.

The owner of the submerged towing vessel is currently drafting a salvage plan to be reviewed and approved by the U. S. Coast Guard. The salvaging of the vessel will commence once a plan is approved. After the vessel is safely removed an investigation will follow to determine the cause of the sinking.

Local residents are instructed to keep away from the salvaging area due to the risk of personal injury.

It is the Coast Guard’s responsibility to respond quickly, effectively and safely to all reports of pollution on all navigable waterways in the United States, including Lake Michigan.

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