Salvage Operations for Iron Ore Barges in Louisville, KY Completed

LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The Coast Guard Captain of the Port Ohio Valley, the Army Corps of Engineers and Ingram Barge Company have completed salvage operations for the two sunken iron ore barges here in Louisville, Ky.

Today at approximately 5:30 p.m. River Salvage Inc. completed the salvage operations to recover the two iron ore barges that sank on Friday June 6th. Both of the barges have been recovered and transported to Jeffboat Shipyard in Jeffersonville, IN where they will be put into a drydock and inspected for damages.

River Salvage Inc. has also removed the special purpose buoys and the navigational channel is clear for transiting vessel traffic.

During the salvage operation, the Coast Guard and Army Corps of Engineers, working in conjunction with the marine industry, coordinated the safe navigation for 118 towing vessels transiting through the area. The Belle of Louisville was able to make a safe return to the waterfront area and no injuries or pollution occured during the salvage.

The Coast Guard is continuing its investigation into the cause of this incident.

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