Rocket launch from Kodiak Island prompts Coast Guard safety zone

Chart depicting safety zone near Narrow Cape, Kodiak Island, Alaska, for November 2010 rocket launch. U.S. Coast Guard image courtesy Marine Safety Detachment Kodiak.

Safety Zone Area

KODIAK, Alaska – The Coast Guard will establish a safety zone in the vicinity of Narrow Cape and Ugak Island due to upcoming operations at the Kodiak Launch Complex in mid November.

In conjunction with the United States Air Force Space Test Program S26 the Alaska Aerospace Corporation will be launching an unmanned rocket from the Narrow Cape Kodiak Island Launch Facility. The lead support agency is the Wallops Flight Facility. This four-stage orbital rocket will fly a course of approximately 144.3 degrees true. With the exception of Ugak Island just off the launch facility, the trajectory of the rocket is over water for the entire flight.

The safety zone will be in effect from Nov. 19 through Nov. 21 between 3:37 p.m. and 5:54 p.m. each day, or until cancelled.

The safety zone includes all navigable waters contained within the area bordered by the following points: 57° 15.971’ north, 151° 37.742’ west; 56° 07.759’ north, 150° 11.044’ west; 55° 52.565’ north, 150° 44.438’ west; 56° 59.704’ north, 152° 11.969’ west; 57° 17.431’ north, 152° 24.905’ west; 57° 24.305’ north, 152° 22.133’ west; 57° 27.350’ north, 152° 17.331’ west; 57° 27.767’ north, 152° 04.962’ west; all coordinates reference datum: NAD 1983.

Unauthorized entry into or through this zone is strictly prohibited and may result in civil and or criminal penalties, including fines of up to $37,500.

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