Retired sailor mans Coast Guard station as volunteer

A very good article in the Ventura County Star about Ken Coddington. Ken spent 38 years in the Navy and Navy Reserve as a pilot. 11 years after he retired, at the age of 63, he joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary.

Now 83, Ken has spent 20 years assisting the Coast Guard. Recently, officers at the Coast Guard station at Channel Islands Harbor awarded him the Coast Guard Forces Operation medal for his 20 years of service, which includes more than 35,000 hours of duty at the station. He was also recognized for mentoring hundreds of Coast Guard and auxiliary personnel over the years.

35,000 hours. That’s 1750 hours a year. Why does he do it?

“My main satisfaction comes from associating with the young men and women,” he said. “That’s how I keep being youthful and how I keep going. It’s the stimulation of being around those young people.”

Given an opportunity, Coddington raves about the Coast Guard.

“Those young men and women constantly put their lives on the line, saving people, and the public never hears about it,” he said. “They protect us, they protect our coasts, they protect our fishing industry. And they do it every day.”

Check it out: Retired sailor mans Coast Guard station as volunteer. And next time you see an Auxiliarist, thank him.

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