Retired Lieutenant Commander dies at desk working in horrid conditions for Facebook

A former United States Coast Guard officer reportedly died of a heart attack while working as a Facebook content moderator- and now three of his former co-workers are speaking out over the “traumatic” material and working conditions they were subjected to.

Keith Utely, a retired Lieutenant Commander in the United States Coast Guard, was found dead at his desk in March of 2018.

A married father-of-two, Utley reportedly died of a heart attack at the Tampa Bay area facility and was reportedly under constant stress.

“The stress they put on him- it’s unworldly,” one of Utley’s managers said. “I did a lot of coaching. I spent some time talking with him about things he was having issues seeing. He was always worried about getting fired.”

Utley worked for Cognizant, a company hired by Facebook to screen content for inappropriate material, which often consisted of graphic videos, child pornography and other media.

The conditions in the cramped Florida office were reportedly substandard, with one dirty bathroom being shared by 18 employees, who worked tirelessly for $15 an hour.

“It’s a sweatshop in America,” said Melynda Johnson, who left in March. “Every bit of that building was absolutely disgusting. You’d go in the bathroom and there would be period blood and poop all over the place. It smelled horrendous all the time.”

Cognizant received a two-year contract from Facebook for over $200 million, with the latter company claiming that they hosted a summit in April for employees to share tips on how to improve the workplace.

According to the Daily Mail, conditions at Cognizant were so horrible that some individuals, such as Sean Speagle, want it and Facebook to disband.

“I think Facebook needs to shut down,” he said.

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