Response to Drift River situation continues

ANCHORAGE, Alaska – The Unified Command, Drift River Terminal Coordination, continues to develop plans to safely draw down oil stored at the Drift River Oil Terminal as ground crews continue to clean up mud and debris.

Personnel in the Unified Command post are developing a comprehensive safety plan and determining operational alternatives and corresponding tank inventory levels.

Equipment to be used for clean up of the terminal was brought down from the Trading Bay storage facility Tuesday. The four-man crew that delivered the equipment was held overnight due to falling ash. They sheltered in place at the Drift River safe haven building.

“This underscores the dynamic environment we are working in,” said Capt. Mark Hamilton, federal on scene coordinator. “Safety of the responders is our primary concern. That is why we are being so thorough in our planning. The smallest oversight could threaten the safety of our responders or make the situation more challenging.”

A Tesoro tanker is being identified for use and scheduling is being conducted.

Capt. Mark Hamilton, Captain of the Port Western Alaska has assumed duties as the federal on-scene coordinator. Cmdr. Joseph Lo Sciuto is leaving Alaska to assume other Coast Guard duties in line with regular Coast Guard assignment periods.

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