Update on Coast Guard Response to Debris Field South of Los Angeles Light

SAN PEDRO, Calif. – The recovery of objects from the debris field discovered this morning about five miles south of Los Angeles Light continues. Two Coast Guard small boats from Station Los Angeles-Long Beach, Baywatch Cabrillo, Baywatch Redondo, and Los Angeles Port Police are all assisting in the efforts. Additionally, the Coast Guard 87-foot Patrol Cutter Narwhal, is coordinating efforts as On-Scene Commander.

Coast Guard is investigating the debris that has already been recovered and is looking into an incident that occurred in the vicinity of the debris field around midnight last night.

Investigators believe that some of the debris may be a part of a larger vessel than they had originally thought. However, the Coast Guard has not been notified of any overdue vessels.

The response was initiated this morning around 7:30 a.m. after a Good Samaritan called the Coast Guard by VHF radio and reported a debris field about 100 yards long.

There is currently a temporary 500 yard safety zone placed around the debris field. The safety zone will stay in effect until search and recovery operations are deemed complete by the Captain of the Port.

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  1. Leonard Sinatra says:

    This is very sad and I can only hope you are still looking for the boat. I have been Penny and Henry’s boating buddy for years. It seems all the things you have found are things that would have been either tied to the rail or swim step as well as things in the bow of the boat only. Mike Penny’s son is also a dear friend an he has told me what was found like the propane tank that Henry always stored in the v bearth with the life jackets and all the toys. I was the one that went with them year after year to pull up bugs at the isthmus. If you have any questions about Henrys boat I would know more than anyone please feel free to call me 562-760-7499 Penny was the manager of my real estate offic for years in Rancho Palos Verdes. Sincerely Yours Lenny