Regal Stone Responds to being named Responsible Party for the Spill Clean-Up and Response – Not for the Collision

Regal Stone, LTD, the owner of the Cosco Busan issued the following press release today.

SAN FRANCISCO – Regal Stone – owners of the Cosco Busan – has been named the Responsible Party by the state of California, this designation has no connection with “responsibility’ for the accident,” said Darrell Wilson, spokesman for the shipping company. “That responsibility will be clearly determined by the official investigation, which the USCG is undertaking and in which we as owners are fully participating.”

The designation Responsible Party is a term of law which means the party initially responsible for the clean-up and response.

“This is a responsibility Regal Stone has embraced since the start of this very regrettable accident. We will meet all of our responsibilities to the full extent of the law,” said Wilson.

“We are committed to a robust and professional response. We want to thank every person, company and government official for their enormous effort. We are sorry the incident has taken place but wish to assure the community we take our responsibilities with the clean-up very seriously, “said Wilson.”

We also take the investigation seriously and look forward to a resolution which will contribute to a safer Bay and safer shipping,” said Wilson.

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